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Serving Northwestern Pennsylvania, Western New York and Eastern Ohio in providing the best in professional live entertainment and professional sound services.  Live entertainment for all occasions including top local and regional acts from America's North Coast.  Professional sound system design, sales service and installation. Professional studio and mobile recording services.
Live Music is Best!
Don't let the music at your wedding, party, event or club be canned and lame. Simply put, recorded music played over a (sometimes less than adequate) sound system does not, can not and will not ever replace the excitement, sound and atmosphere created by live music.
You can put a used car salesman in a tuxedo, give him a couple CD players and he'll do as well as most DJs. (By the way a "pre owned car" is still USED!) Of course there are also bands and musicians out there who would better serve their audiences by being waiters.
This is where JB can help by providing experienced, professional bands and musicians who will make your event a success! We guarantee that they won't play too loud (but they all will if asked to) and that they can entertain a wide variety of musical tastes. Heck, we'll even guarantee that they'll keep it clean and won't tick off your Aunt Irma.  More......... 
JB Pro Sound
A bad sound system can ruin the night even if the band is good.  JB Pro Sound can fix that.  Brand name professional sound equipment at internet competetive pricing is just a click away!  Play well, sound good and create the vibe.  If you need the stuf, we have the stuff to make you sound GREAT! Good sound is expected, bad sound is noticed!
Studio B is a small project studio featuring 8-track digital multitrack recording, voice over, mastering and short run CD duplication. Studio B also offers mobile two-track and eight-track digital recording.  Our studio and mobile recording services are geared toward local band demos, on site recording, corporate services and organizational and religious institutions.

Specialty services include LP to CD Conversion Recording, Cassette Rescue and CD Conversion, Specialty Program Music Recording, Sound Effects and Re-Mastering.

Through our sister company JB Pro Sound we also offer studio design, and equipment sales, service and installation of professional recording products. Product lines include Studer, Tascam, Denon, Marantz, Microboards and more.

If your project is larger in scope we have access to recording industry professionals with extensive experience and can help you take your project to the next level! Our group of industry professionals and independent contractors offers a full range of experience in recording and live sound production as well as product sales, product development and product distribution.
Live Entertainment and
Professional Sound Services
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JB Pro Sound
JB Pro Sound